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"Two things: complete knowledge and absolute discretion. That Blue Parallel has the first is beyond question. All the Blue Parallel employees, guides and escorts that I met were marvelously clever, resourceful and flexible. 'Discretion' is a rarer attribute and, perhaps, Blue Parallel's chief strength. Meaning, if you want attention and hand-holding you will get it. But in those moments or hours where you want to be left alone, the folks from Blue Parallel know to disappear. This is elegance. This is taste. This is the way to be shown a new place. I have never been taken care of in a foreign country in such a sophisticated way. Bravo, Blue Parallel!"

Stephen Henderson, Food & Wine Magazine

2018 Articles

Private Clubs Winter 2018

Private Clubs, Winter 2018

“These islands are stunning with their coconut trees, palm trees, sand, and turquoise water. But visiting them is like being on a different planet — there are no supermarkets, no restaurants, no internet, so you feel you can completely disconnect and reconnect with Mother Nature,” says Emmanuel Burgio, Blue Parallel’s president. read more

Virtuoso Life

Virtuoso Life, January 2018

“Tour operator Blue Parallel can customize a catamaran trip to the San Blas, with three days in Panama City and four days sailing around the islands. The getaway promises deserted beaches, lobster dinners, and time with the Kuna people.” read more

Fodors Travel

Fodor's Travel, January 2018

“Blue Parallel specializes in private adventures throughout Latin America, including a five-night luxury tour of Iguazú that kicks off in Rio de Janeiro and culminates with an enthralling visit to the falls. Expect lavish hotels and adrenaline-fueled activities like mountain biking through sub-tropical jungles, river kayaking, and an exhilarating helicopter tour replete with aerial views of the rushing waterfalls below.” read more

2017 Articles

Bloomberg Pursuits, January 2017

“In 2017, think beyond Machu Picchu to the Incan salt pans of Maras, the uncharted, snow-capped mountains of Veronica and Sawasiray, and the endless horizon of Lake Titicaca. Thanks to improved infrastructure (and trailblazing travel operators), these places are perhaps even easier to access than the so-called Lost City of the Incas—and with zero trace of the crowds.
Whom to call: Emmanuel Burgio of Blue Parallel” read more

2016 Articles

Travel + Leisure, September 2016

“A finance background lends Burgio an intimate understanding of the needs and demands of wealthy, time-strapped travelers, who come to him for bespoke trips that offer indulgent thrills like hydroplane flights to eco-lodges and private-estate stays in Peru’s Sacred Valley.” read more

American Way Magazine, August 2016

“- I have yet to take in another tradition: sitting around on the beach. That’s just fine, says Hallie Neumann, who spent a couple years living in Rio as a director at Blue Parallel, a tour company that offers customized itineraries in the city and other parts of the world. ‘Rio has been perceived as a place where you go samba dancing, where you go hang out on the beach and where people don’t take things too seriously,’ she explains. ‘That is the initial appeal. But it has more to offer. It is a much more sophisticated place than that.’” read more

EnRoute Magazine, Air Canada, April 2016

“In this more traditional coffee country, known as the Coffee Triangle for the enormous quantities of beans it produces, a tour operator called Blue Parallel offers custom stays. And if ever I have a chance of meeting a real-life Juan Valdez, it’s here. After hurtling past workers’ houses and three varieties of avocado tree, two types of mandarin tree, banana trees and plane trees, my guide, Jorge Osorio, ushers me out of the vehicle and into El Carmelo’s drying facilities.” read more

Virtuoso Life Magazine, March 2016

Emmanuel Burgio, president and founder of boutique tour operator Blue Parallel, on taking time to explore the world. [...] “I’ll always return to Jose Ignacio, a small village on the Uruguayan Coast. I used to criticize people who go back to the same place for their holidays, but now that I have children of my own, I totally get it.” read more

L’Officiel Maroc, March 2016

“Née au Maroc, où elle a vécu jusqu’à ses 18 ans, Sarah Casewit vit de ses passions : le voyage et la photographie. Elle sillonne le monde et met en lumière les similitudes entre les religions et les cultures. Désormais directrice marketing chez Blue Parallel, agence de voyages haut de gamme, c’est à Buenos Aires,que la jeune femme a élu domicile. Elle nous livre ses meilleures adresses.” read more

2015 Articles

Denver Life Weddings, Fall/Winter 2015

"Planning a wedding can be all-encompassing, so it can be a relief to have the legwork and organization of the honeymoon taken out of your hands. Blue Parallel has been producing breathtaking itineraries for travelers throughout Latin America for more than a decade, and the company introduced the Mediterranean a few years back." read more

Sheridan Road Magazine, October 2015

"Another short jaunt by plane takes you to the Iguazu Falls. The falls were unlike anything I have ever seen, truly nature at its best. As you walk along the platforms, the roar of the water is a constant, rainbows are everywhere, butterflies crisscross your path, exotic birds sing in the trees, monkeys swing from the branches, and coatis walk alongside you hoping you will drop a tasty morsel. Blue Parallel tour company is unparalleled in their Iguazu tour experiences." read more

Travel + Leisure, September 2015

"Burgio’s travel company, Blue Parallel, specializes in top of-the-line bespoke getaways that combine luxury and adventure. It also has a collection of private villas, staffed by members of his team. All the itineraries—from solo ice treks through Argentina’s Perito Moreno glacier to family-friendly polo lessons on a private estancia—come with 24/7 concierge service that keeps VIP needs and time constraints in mind." read more

Islands, Summer 2015

"Plenty of chefs offer courses in Sicilian cooking, but Blue Parallel sends you to exclusive classes with revered chef Fabrizia Lanza at her country estate outside Palermo. In her cucina, converted from the villa’s horse stable, Lanza will teach you how to create traditional recipes, like sardines in pasta." read more, July 2015

"The company’s newest destination offering in Sicily and the Aeolian Islands includes a wide variety of possible inclusions in custom-made packages, such as hiking around an active volcano on the island of Stromboli, insider access in the Baroque Valley, biking on scenic trails, private boat trips to secluded beaches near the island of Panarea, a cooking class by a popular chef at a private estate in Sicily, and VIP visits to UNESCO sites, such as the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento." read more, July 2015

"Plush adventure travel outfitter Blue Parallel is adding a brand-new private trip to its September offerings, available now for booking: For the first time, the brand will take guests on an 11-day journey through Sicily and the Aeolian Islands to hike a volcano on Stromboli island, boat to Panarea's secluded beaches, and learn cooking techniques at a private estate in Sicily, all while staying at castles, estates, and villas across the region. Travelers can also expect helicopter tours, biking excursions, culinary excursions, and exclusive access to World Heritage sites like the Temples in Agrigento (home to ancient Greek architecture and art)." read more, Summer 2015

"Highlights include biking trails and insider experiences in the "Baroque Valley." Guests can also hike one of the most active volcanoes in the world on the island of Stromboli, take a private boat to hidden beaches on the island of Panarea and take a cooking class with a chef on a private estate in Sicily. Additionally, Blue Parallel will offer VIP visits to UNESCO sites look the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento." read more

Revista Selecta Magazine, August 2015

"Blue Parallel se preocupa por ofrecer viajes hechos a la medida del cliente, así como de sugerir las mejores opciones para los viajeros. Por ejemplo en este caso la recepción en el aeropuerto correría por cuenta de un anfitrión personal que lo llevaría hasta un lujoso bungalow con vista al mar. Recorrería la costa en compañía de un guía personal, terminando el primer día bebiendo un delicioso cóctel de bienvenida mientras observa el sunset." read more

AFAR Magazine, September 2015

"Visiting Colombia with outfi tter Blue Parallel (one week starts at $11,500, comes with a major advantage: access. The new itinerary includes salsa dancing in a private 16th-century home and lounging on islets that are rarely seen by anyone but local fishermen. Coffee obsessives can sip joe at the source during a bean-to-roast tour of a plantation in the Andean foothills." read more

Private Clubs Magazine, Summer 2015

"Blue Parallel made its regional debut this year with an “Adriatic Coast Journey,” visiting familiar locales in Croatia and Montenegro, such as Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik, but offering insider access into these destinations. In Split, tour the exalted art museum Ivan Mestrovic Gallery with the museum curator. In Dubrovnik, anticipate afternoons of kayaking and a visit to a private vineyard and estate on the Peljesac Peninsula for a Croatian wine-tasting and fresh oyster sampling." read more

Denver Life Weddings Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015

"Newlyweds are planning honeymoons that involve custom service and intimate experiences. Instead of cruising the Caribbean on a mega-ship or booking a one-size-fits-all resort, couples are choosing smaller, more personal trips, such as European river cruises and custom tours abroad. Blue Parallel, a bespoke travel boutique, plans private, custom journeys along the Adriatic Coast, taking honeymooners from Split, Croatia, through Hvar and Dubrovnik to Montenegro, with special access to private boats, artisan vineyards, historic villages, and more." read more

TravelAge West Magazine, May 2015

"It’s all very personal,” Burgio said. “I grew up in the south of France, my father is from Sicily, and I have friends and family in the Mediterranean Basin. This is a region I belong to. My wife is Argentine, so I’ve been living in Argentina for many years. After focusing and expanding our reach in Latin America for 12 years or so, we decided to expand into the Mediterranean. We have an administrative office in Maryland and an office in Buenos Aires, and we are also opening a satellite office in Barcelona to help us manage the time difference with our Mediterranean product."read more, May 2015

"Blue Parallel is a fan of this winter solstice celebration worshiping an Incan god that involves colorful costumes, lavish banquets, festive music and historical re-creations. Hundreds of thousands of devotees descend on Cusco as actors re-enact ancient rituals and the Sun King is carried on a massive throne in a royal procession to the ancient site Sacsayhuaman. Blue Parallel can get guests into VIP boxes, arrange expert scholars as hosts and organize private access to a traditional workshop where festival costumes are made."read more

Yahoo Travel, May 2015

"The adventure travel company Blue Parallel offers the perfect introduction to Salkantay. Their trek has a difficulty rating of medium to challenging and is best suited to the more adventurous trekker who is able to handle more altitude and distance, but don’t let that deter you. With a little bit of training, this is absolutely something you can do. Ascending to reach the famous Apacheta Pass at 15,088 feet is not too strenuous, but it does require stamina and perseverance."read more

Architectural Digest, February 2015

"In the Grand Canal’s centuries-old Palazzo Flangini—from which Canaletto painted one of his exquisite Venetian views—the international production company Areté will bring its gently interactive Cirque du Soleil–style events to the city for just the second year."read more

National Geographic Weekend Radio Show, February 2015

"Morocco isn't just desert and mountains. The predominately Muslim nation is home to scenic Saharan dunes and the Atlas Mountains, but it is also boasts many centuries-old cities that are living museums. Sarah Casewit, a travel expert at Blue Parallel Luxury Tours, was raised in Morocco and says that Casablanca, among the best known Moroccan cities, isn't her favorite city in the country. She recommends UNESCO World-Heritage site Fes, and "fun, exciting, exotic, smelly, loud, vibrant" Marrakesh as two highlights of the country's historic markets and welcoming locals."click here to listen

San Francisco Chronicle, March 2015

"Blue Parallel’s new seven-night Adriatic Coast journey begins with a stay in a Roman palace in Split, and ends in a former queen’s summer home in Montenegro. The royal treatment includes private boat and kayak tours, oyster tasting and guided hikes."read more

Architectural Digest, February 2015

"In many ways the capital of Carnival in Brazil, Rio knows how to throw a huge party. The celebrations see some 70,000-plus people filling the city's Sambadrome—a half-mile-long parade ground with stadium seating—for an overnight parade overflowing with glittering costumes, monumental floats, joyful singing, and, of course, samba, which is practically Brazil's national pastime. South America travel specialist Blue Parallel can arrange to have you view the parade from above the fray, in the privacy of your own festively decorated, air-conditioned VIP box, with hors d'oeuvres and cocktails at the ready."read more

Private Clubs Magazine, Winter 2015

"A former New York investment banker, Burgio founded Blue Parallel in 2002 to offer travel expertise to clients similar to his demanding ex-bosses. Born in Holland, raised in France, and based in Buenos Aires, Burgio specializes in Latin America and recently branched into the Mediterranean."read more

Forbes Life, Winter 2015

"There are several perfectly lovely places to stay, but Noronha isn’t about hotels. To get access to the best guides, marine researchers and dive masters—and to get beach picnics complete with Veuve Cliquot—book with bespoke South American luxury-adventure outfitter Blue Parallel." read more

2014 Articles

The South China Morning Post, XXIV Magazine, November 2014

"Located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, observe the best of the dramatic falls in March during autumn in the southern hemisphere. In the winter the falls dry up, while in summer the surrounding area is hot, muggy and crowded with tourists. This leaves autumn as the perfect time to complete this epic journey. A Unesco World Heritage Site, the falls combine 275 streams into a confluence that is reportedly 18 metres higher than Niagara, and vastly wider. Blue Parallel ( organises trips with three nights in Rio de Janeiro and two nights at the falls ."read more

Travel + Leisure Magazine, November 2014

"What to do after discovering the provenance of your favorite foods and wines? Track down the origin of what's in your mug. For that, travelers are flocking to Colombia's so-called coffee triangle. "The fincas of Pereira and Armenia are like the estancias of Mendoza, Argentina, ten years ago," says Emmanuel Burgio of luxury outfitter Blue Parallel. His itineraries include the Cocora Valley, home to half a dozen heirloom cultivars—and the world's tallest palm trees. "It's full of natural spectacles and hospitable locals," he says."read more

Virtuoso Traveler Magazine, October 2014

"Journeys on the Hiram Bingham train, guided tours of Machu Picchu, alfresco lunches in the Sacred Valley – Blue Parallel brings you the best of Peru during an eight-day tailor-made tour that travels round-trip from Lima." read more

Vogue India Magazine, September 2014

"The best way to dig into BA's overwhelming food scene is with an insider: you can book a food tour with Lazar through Latin America specialists Blue Parallel…" read more

Venice Magazine, Fall 2014

"Not surprisingly, there are more Incan sites to visit other than Machu Picchu. Bespoke travel company Blue Parallel gives travelers in-depth, private tours of the most sacred areas of the Andean culture in the Cusco region, such as the Moray ruins and the salt flats in Maras. Blue Parallel also can arrange a private meditation ceremony with an Andean shaman that allows visitors to personally experience the region's native spiritual practices." read more

Travelgirl Magazine, Fall 2014

"[…] And Blue Parallel was the perfect tour company to indulge us. We set the pace. The guide spoke flawless English. Water and snacks were ever-present. And the driver could stop on a dime when we simply needed to snap a shot." read more

New York Post, August 2014

"For a science adventure on Brazil's eco-paradise isle of Fernando de Noronha, Blue Parallel can build a trip around insider experiences with researchers dedicated to preserving the ecosystems and species of the 21-island Fernando de Noronha archipelago. It's possible to spend a full day with a biologist from the Brazilian Sea Turtle Institution and another helping with dolphin counts while plana-subing, a propelled form of snorkeling." read more

Indulge DFW Magazine, July 2014

"Morocco's hardly an off-the-grid travel destination, but recently its popularity has soared among families looking for a new and different vacation destination, says Emmanuel Burgio. He's CEO and founder of Blue Parallel (, a bespoke travel boutique with a diverse portfolio of destinations, including several spectacular Moroccan family excursions that include helicopter rides across the Sahara. What's hooking families, he says, is the total sensory immersion they experience there. "Unlike big European cities with must-see museums, and art galleries, Morocco's cultural attractions are more organic and visible in the everyday life of Moroccans." read more

Boca Raton Observer Magazine, July 2014

"Emmanuel Burgio, founder and CEO of Blue Parallel, a travel company that creates private tailor-made journeys to Peru for people in the United States, believes tourism will continue to grow because of luxury properties such as Palacio del Inka opening in Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley area." read more, July 2014

"Secondly, the company provides the kind of service and flexibility that someone that worked in investment banking would know all about. Blue Parallel has a high ratio of staff to travelers, from hosts and hostesses to personal drivers to personal chefs and gourmet assistants for outdoor picnics. Beyond that, it has done things like open up worldwide tourist spot Alhambra in Granada exclusively for its clients, offer the chance to have a drink with the mayor of Buenos Aires or get special permits to fly over Mayan and Inca sites like Chichen Itza, Tulum and Machu Picchu."read more

Yahoo! Travel, July 2014

"All eyes are naturally on Brazil with the recent World Cup and upcoming Olympics, but Ecuador has seen a 118 percent increase in bookings. For Emmanuel Borgio, president of tour operator Blue Parallel, most of his clients are going to the Galapagos Islands but are now combining it with a stay in mainland Ecuador. "There are new hotel properties and more options," he said. "Quito is an impressive colonial city, the Florence of South America."read more, July 2014

"Exclusive tour operator Blue Parallel offers a decadent driving experience in Andalucia worth the trip down from Madrid. The itinerary starts in Granada and Cordoba with tapas tours and luxe hotel stays before unleashing you and your luxury sports car in Seville for a roar through the topographically exuberant landscape, the famed white villages around Ronda and wild Siera de Grazalema Natural Park. The Iberian road trip finishes with a ride on a closed circuit track (and a bottle of Rioja)."read more

Hong Kong Tatler Magazine, June 2014

Blue Parallel's tours, focused on culture, the outdoors and World Heritage sites, have won it a slot as one of Condé Nast Traveler's "top travel specialists" for four consecutive years. Its Amazon tour traverses Peru, Ecuador and Brazil, taking in the unique ecology and wildlife of the region and immersing guests in experiences from piranha fishing to hunting with bows and arrows." read more

Centurion Magazine Online, June 2014

"Lift off by helicopter from colourful, chaotic Marrakech bound for Morocco's spectacular desert dunes with a singular Sahara experience. Tailored tour operator Blue Parallel arranges the logistics for a seamless journey that will carry you by private chopper from the luxury of Marrakech's legendary La Mamounia hotel to a decadent desert camp – outfitted with antiques and butler service – in the Sahara. Spend the night under a star-filled sky before boarding your helicopter for the onward flight to the remote kasbah Relais & Chateaux property, Dar Ahlam, and the Skoura oasis."read more

Cadillac Magazine, Summer 2014

"When I created Blue Parallel, I made sure our journeys included insider-access experiences, not available to the public, that I had personally tried," Burgio says. "Whether it's meeting a renowned artist in his private atelier or kayaking the Beagle Channel with an Olympic athlete, each of our journeys is tailor-made." read more

Prime-Living Magazine, May/June 2014

"Since 2002, Blue Parallel has guided discerning travelers on private, tailor-made journeys to Latin America. Now adding trips to the Mediterranean Basin, the bespoke travel service is offering new and exciting experiences in Andalucía, Corsica, Greece, Morocco and Turkey." read more, May 2014

"Christ the Redeemer, check. Copacabana, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Ipanema, done that. Wondering what else to feast your eyes on in Brazil's biggest party city during the biggest bash in the world? Get a taste of one of the world's other legendary Brazilian parties with a behind the scenes tour of the Unidos de Tijuca Samba School, ground zero for parade preparation and float-making during the annual Carnaval. Blue Parallel, a US-based company that customizes private tours in Brazil, arranges insider access to the school as well as the Sambodromo. It's off season, but still exciting. " read more

The San Francisco Chronicle, May 2014

"Hiking through the mountains of Los Nevados National Natural Park, horseback riding through coffee fields and sailing through the pristine Islas del Rosario near Cartagena can all be part of Blue Parallel's new customized, private tours. " read more, May 2014

"Latin American luxury-adventure specialist Blue Parallel prides itself on moving mountains for clients and getting them access no one else can. Case in point: the company's VIP Polo Experience, in which guests are helicoptered from Buenos Aires to the primo polo grounds in the northern suburbs. There they watch a match in VIP seating with a professional player next to them to explain what's going on, and then meet top players, such as Sebastian Merlos of La Dolfina, who also opens his estancia to some Blue Parallel guests and teaches private polo lessons" read more

The Houston Chronicle, April 2014

"The clever folks at luxury travel company Blue Parallel recently introduced several fabulous-sounding new insider trips around the Mediterranean Basin. Our favorite: The Andalucia trip, which includes a private tour of the Alhambra in Granada, a visit to a working olive orchard in Cordoba, family-friendly bike riding and exclusive access to a bull farm estate in Seville, plus a finale involving a luxury sports car being delivered to your hotel in Ronda so that you can cruise around the nearby villages and hilly countryside. The seven-day trip starts at $2,000 per day per person (based on double occupancy), and includes tip-top accommodations, specialized guides, tours, spa treatments, most meals, entrance fees, excursions and more." read more

Vanidades Magazine, April 2014

"Una agencia-boutique de viajes a la carta, que "abre puertas" en América Latina y ofrece solo lo mejor es Blue Parallel, cuyos contactos te permiten visitar lujosas casas y haciendas que no están abiertas al público, conocer artesanos en sus talleres, tener acceso a colecciones de arte en grandes mansiones privadas, jugar polo en un famoso club, etc., en sitios como las Galápagos, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires, Lima, los bellos lagos argentinos, las ruinas en Guatemala, etc." read more

Celebrated Living, Spring 2014

"Consider using bespoke travel company Blue Parallel ( to arrange a stay in a villa with a personal chef at your service" read more

Living Magazine, March 2014

"Have you ever imagined mountain biking through Mount Toubkal National Park in the Atlas Mountains, dining under ancient olive trees, exploring of lush valleys of Berber farmlands or flying in a private helicopter over golden dunes to your own private, luxury tented camp in the Sahara Desert? The bespoke travel company, Blue Parallel, is now offering those experiences and more to those looking to discover the exotic Kingdom of Morocco" read more, February 2014

"For the perfect antidote to a snowy winter, it doesn't get much better than the Sahara Desert. A three-day stay in Morocco with outfitter Blue Parallel starts with a night at Kasbah Tamadot(, Richard Branson's retreat (located about an hour outside Marrakech) overlooking the Asni valley. Prep in the hotel's hammam, indoor heated pool and spa and spend the next day hiking and mountain climbing through oak and juniper forests in the Atlas Mountains." read more

Virtuoso Life Magazine, February 2014

"Blue Parallel's itinerary in the Mediterranean Basin and Latin America are designed around World Heritage destinations and outdoor adventures.
The Trip: Rio and Fernando de Noronha
The Details: During eight days in the World Cup year, fly into Rio, stay at the sleek Fasano hotel in Ipanema, and explore this soccer-mad city. Next, head north to Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago of 21 islands and a UNESCO World Heritage site..." read more

Little Book of Wonders, January 2014

"Whether it's swimming with dolphins in Fernando de Noronha, a volcanic archipelago off the northeast coast boasting amazing beaches, or exploring the Amazon on a luxurious cruise ship or private charter, Blue Parallel can tailor-make the experience according to your individual requirements." read more

Jezebel Magazine Modern Luxury, January 2014

"Better yet, take a private tango class from a local instructor to feel the magical force of the dance. I met Villamil, who introduced me to the tango moves, through experts at Blue Parallel" read more

2013 Articles

Travel Weekly Magazine, October 2013

"Travel agents should take advantage of Peru's diverse offerings to sell oft en and sell up, according to Emmanuel Burgio, CEO of Blue Parallel, a Virtuoso Preferred Tour Operator. "Blue Parallel's advice would be not to sell just the standard one-week package in Peru," he says. "Peru is a destination that allows a lot exciting customization options, with cultural exposure, outdoor activities and historical explorations in many of its fine destinations" read more

Travel Age West Magazine, September 2013

"Emmanuel Burgio, founder of Blue Parallel, a company that provides customized tour itineraries and experiences in Latin America, agreed. "As a new niche, we are seeing a rise in interest in Buenos Aires in Jewish heritage sights," he said. "We have been able to offer private access to the main temple in Buenos Aires and the holocaust museum on a national holiday" read more

Bridal Guide Magazine, August 2013

"The breathtaking Los Glaciares National Park is home to the Perito Moreno glacier, one of the only still-growing ice formations in the world. And Ushuaia (the closest city to Antarctica) is a great base for tours along the Beagle Canal or Cape Horn. Hotels in Patagonia include everything from rustic eco-resorts and remote hideaways to luxury, art-themed spots; tour companies like Blue Parallel can arrange everything" read more

Ultratravel Magazine, Fall 2013

"Want a private tour of the Alhambra palace? How about a visit to Spain's most revered Ibérico ham arm, or heli-hopping through the Greek islands? Those are just a few of the bespoke experiences created by Blue Parallel through their new reach into the Medierranean Basin, the latest addition to its destination offerings." read more

Celebrated Living, Summer 2013

"Latin America-based Blue Parallel specializes in bespoke itineraries to the region, including Machu Picchu, and will tailor activities based on how much or how little your family would like to trek at the site." read more

Travel + Leisure, March 2013

"This Buenos Aires-based outfit has 20 villas and penthouses in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, and the Galapagos. Prior to guests' arrival, properties are stocked with food, champagne, and fresh flowers. In José Ignacio, Uruguay, the El Bosque estate has handcrafted wood furnishings and a pool that faces seven manicured acres (...)" read more

2012 Articles

Travel + Leisure, October 2012

"Emmanuel Burgio. Years as agent: 10. Other Specialty: Serviced villas. Fee: Varies" read more

TTG Mena Luxury, Summer 2012

"While previously the exclusivity associated with luxury focused solely on expensive hotels and dinners, this has evolved towards experiences that are unattainable. "In today's world of information, anyone with the means can get a room at the fanciest hotel and best restaurant. "Yet the opportunity to privately enjoy dinner alongside a famous winemaker at his country home or meet the curator of an exclusive museum behind closed doors is something that's beyond simply paying. You must know the right person." read more

My Little Swans, Spring 2012

"Blue Parallel is a nature lover's paradise, with vast areas of protected forest and coast offering a wide range of activities. Look for monkeys and sloths on a highland rainforest hike, visit the famous Arenal Volcano, or see river dolphins and whales in the Osa Peninsula. Blue Parallel will make sure your experience is one of a kind, with special options like whitewater rafting through the Pacuare Forest, (...)"read more

Forbes Life, Spring 2012

"For the client who wanted a four-day party in Argentina, Emmanuel Burgio transformed the only hotel on a remote island, flying in an interior designer, a chef, a patissier, and a sommelier, who poured wines from the cave that Burgio had restocked with requested favorites. When another client suddenly wanted to go river kayaking in Uruguay, Burgio had the kayaks delivered across the gulf-like Rio de la Plata—on Christmas Day." read more

Elite Traveler, March 2012

"Your Blue Parallel guide will meet you at the hotel to escort you to Atamisque Winery in the Uco Valley area, where you'll enjoy a horseback ride followed by a private tour and tasting. The Property's chef will prepare a gourmet picnic lunch before you set out for the Piattelli Vineyards for yes another tasting." read more

Home By Design, January 2012

"In this ninth-floor penthouse apartment, towering above the world-famous Copacabana Beach, an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows showcases a breathtaking view of the SouthAtlantic and all the excitement of this desirable destination. "This apartment perfectly complements the bustle and fast pace of Rio," says Emmanuel Burgio, founder and CEO of exclusive travel boutique Blue Parallel. "The natural light, open spaces, and tranquility of the apartment are the perfect counterbalance to the vitality and intensity of the streets and beaches of Rio." read more

Hemispheres, January 2012

"On Saturdays, I like to visit MALBA and have a bite on the terrace of Café des Arts, the tour art galleries like Galería Zurbarán or auction houses such as Arroyo Remates—both in the same neighborhood in Centro" –Emmanuel Burgio."
read more

Travel + Leisure, January 2012

The Pataxó people got it right when they named their Bahian village Corumbay—"far from everything". It's only about 30 miles from Porto Seguro airport, but the dirt roads make for a bumpy, four-hour drive. Yet the same venturesome Brazilians who turned nearby Trancoso from sleepy to chic are calling Corumbau and neighboring Caraiva the country's next hot spots. And the helicopter takes just 20 minutes. (...) Book with Blue parallel ( read more

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