Big enough to be its own continent, Brazil boasts a wide array of spectacular natural settings ranging from the Amazon rainforest to endless, pristine beaches to the world’s largest tropical wetland to the unmissable Iguazu Falls. Brazil is also set apart from its neighboring Spanish-speaking countries by its Portuguese colonial history and, therefore, language as well. The Portuguese-speaking people of Brazil are just as diverse as its nature. Visitors will find people with a mix of European, African, and indigenous heritage. Although Brazil is perhaps most famous for its natural beauty, its fascinating cities are also well worth a visit. The capital city of Rio de Janeiro has been nicknamed “Cidade Maravilhosa,” or Marvelous City and it truly is just that, with its beautiful beaches, mountains, and vibrant culture. Travelers won’t stop smiling in the “capital of happiness”, Salvador de Bahia, thanks to its friendly locals and virgin beaches. With their lively samba music, exuberant celebration of Carnival, and daily passion for life, it’s evident that all Brazilians love to have fun.


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Rio de Janeiro

Folded into narrow strips of land between tropical beaches and towering mountains, Rio de Janeiro offers staggering vistas, energizing rhythms, exciting beaches, and of course, Carnival celebrations. Despite being the second largest city in Brazil, Rio offers exceptional opportunities for outdoor activity, including hiking in beautiful Tijuca National Park, biking along the famous beaches like Ipanema, and getting a birdseye view of the famous Christ the Redeemer statue via private helicopter. Learn about the country’s colonial past in the historical center with a private tour from an expert guide. In the evening, savor Brazilian specialties at some of the most sought-after restaurants in Rio’s gastronomic scene before heading out for a night of listening to vivacious samba music as you sip on caipirinhas.

Iguazu Falls

Upon seeing the spectacular Iguazu Falls, it is said former first lady Elenor Roosevelt exclaimed, “Poor Niagara!” An understandable reaction considering that Iguazu Falls is three times as wide and about 100 feet taller! Feel the power of these monumental falls from the water on a private boat tour or enjoy a birds-eye view of the tumbling waters via a private helicopter flyover as part of this luxury tour. Because of its location within the sub-Atlantic rainforest, this UNESCO World Heritage site also offers the opportunity to enjoy colorful rainforest flora and fauna, including howler monkeys, toucans, caiman, mischievous coatis, and possibly even the elusive jaguar. Interestingly, the name of these mighty falls is not a Spanish name. It comes from the language of the local indigenous population, the Guaraní, and many locals who live in the area still have Guaraní heritage today.


The Bahian coast will enchant you with its lush vegetation, miles of virgin beaches, and stunning colonial architecture. The colorful city center of Salvador de Bahia, dubbed the “capital of happiness,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its colonial architecture and mixing of European, African, and indigenous cultures. As the city was home to one of the first markets selling enslaved African people in the Americas, there is a heavy African influence in this coastal region. In Bahia, witness this African influence in impressive capoeira demonstrations. Travel to the rustic-chic town of Trancoso, a hidden paradise reminiscent of St. Tropez. The Quadrado, the main plaza, is lined by quaint, colorful houses, a beautiful church, and charming restaurants and shops. In Corumbau, travel to the Pataxo Indian Reserve by boat and then continue to spectacular deserted beaches.


Home to half of the world’s remaining rainforest, the Amazon offers fascinating lessons on biodiversity. Travel to a luxurious jungle eco lodge by hydroplane, which will take guests over the intriguing “Meeting of the Waters.” This natural phenomenon sees the black waters of the Negro River and the brown waters of the Solimões River converge and run together for miles without mixing until they finally merge to form the great Amazon River. At the lodge, enjoy daily excursions to explore the Amazonian jungle. Paddle a canoe along the river, enjoy both sunrise and after-dark private boat tours as well as jungle floor hikes with an expert guide who will point out the diverse rainforest flora and fauna for you to both see and hear. While the lush tropical flora is the main show, guests may also spot caiman, monkeys, a variety of bird species, the unique pink river dolphin, and more.


Just off the southern coast of Brazil, the island of Florianopolis is known worldwide for its 42 beautiful sandy beaches. Some beaches have calmer waters for relaxing swims in the brilliant blue sea, while others have larger waves ideal for surfing. For jet-setters, the luxurious Jurerê beach is the place to visit to see and be seen. On a privately-owned peninsula nearby Florianopolis, those looking for unspoiled beaches, verdant rainforest, and luxurious privacy will find Ponta dos Ganchos. This exclusive resort, ideal for couples, offers 25 private bungalows and the opportunity to explore Brazil’s Emerald coast in tranquil solitude. Hike their private rainforest trails, relax on the pristine, deserted beach, or enjoy a private boat tour of this stunning coastal paradise.

Fernando de Noronha

A land of unspoiled natural beauty and home to Brazil’s top three beaches, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is an ideal destination for nature lovers. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, these 21 islands are home to the largest concentration of tropical seabirds in the Western Atlantic, while Baia Dos Golfinhos has more resident dolphins than anywhere else in the world. The pristine surroundings are ideal for snorkeling, hiking, surfing, walks along the beach, and “Planasub” diving. A local invention, “Planasub” is quite similar to snorkeling; however, instead of swimming, guests are towed behind a motorboat at low speed, using a board to propel themselves underwater. One of many incredible hikes in the area, the gentle trek to Baia do Sancho, repeatedly voted the best beach in the world, is a must for anyone who visits this dreamy archipelago.


Pantanal’s abundant aquatic environments provide conditions for profusion of aquatic fauna, formed by enormous concentrations of snails, crustaceans, amphibians and fish. These in turn attract progressively larger predators, such as birds, reptiles and mammals, in a mega-diverse food chain which constitutes the largest concentration of wildlife in the Americas. According to the World Wildlife Fund of Brazil, over 400 fish, 1,700 plants, 80 mammals, over 1,100 butterfly and 656 bird species have been identified in the Pantanal. This region draws visitors from all over the world to observe fauna such as caimans, jaguars, wild cats, deer, anteaters, armadillos, monkeys and foxes - a true paradise for animal and nature lovers!


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"It has been a wonderful trip. The helicopter was thrilling and we loved seeing so much of Sicily in such an easy way. Elisa was a lovely guide and Mario was very knowledgeable. The star of the trip was Emmanuelle in Salina — we had a wonderful time hiking with him. He was a delightful young man and a very knowledgeable, helpful guide. Just terrific. Thank you for all your hard work!"

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"As usual, your planning, staff, and execution was super. Everyone with Blue Parallel has been very helpful and knowledgeable throughout our stay in Brazil. They anticipate what needs to be done and make necessary changes with apparent ease. Altogether an excellent trip, as we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly."

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"On behalf of all of us who went on this tour, I wanted to thank you for organizing a wonderful trip to Andalucia and for doing it so efficiently and graciously. We also want to extend our compliments to the team; Fabricio was an extraordinary guide and host, and was supported by a great group of drivers and local hosts. We couldn't have been more pleased."

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