Following a series of exploratory voyages around the globe in the 15th century, the Portuguese Empire grew to become the largest in the world. Today, the mementos of Portugal’s gilded era are unmistakably visible throughout the country. Despite its small size, Portugal boasts a tremendous collection of UNESCO World Heritage sites, culinary masterpieces and unforgettable landscapes. From the iconic landmarks of Lisbon, the lush vineyards in the Douro Valley, the vintage Port wines of Porto and the charming medieval towns of rural Alentejo, to name a few, a luxury trip to Portugal will without a doubt surpass any traveler’s expectations.


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Known as the “city of seven hills”, Portugal’s capital is one of Europe’s oldest cities, outdating even ancient Rome. The city’s remarkable history has blessed it with a treasure trove of architectural gems. It is the perfect destination for both history buffs and design enthusiasts alike. UNESCO world heritage sites like the colonial treasures of Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower are prime examples of Portugal’s former glory. The outskirts of the city are also home to fantastic highlights, such as the magnificent Atlantic coastline of Cascais and the unmissable wonder of the whimsical Pena Palace. Lisbon is also a haven for foodies, hosting a variety of Michelin star restaurants following a new wave of Portuguese gastronomic masters who forced the culinary world to take notice.


In the Northwest of Portugal lies Porto, a proud coastal city renowned for its delicious port wine. Historically, long boats would transport their barrels of port along the winding Douro River directly into the city, where it would be matured in the vast cellars which dot the riverbank. A private tasting of the city’s most coveted ruby red ports is a must. Portugal’s self-proclaimed “Capital of the North” is also home to a number of marvelous historical sights, including baroque and romanesque architectural works. Porto’s backdrop of towering stately bridges, along with its charming waterfront, cobblestone streets and delightful culinary shops make it a splendid stop on any luxury tour of Portugal.

Douro Valley

One of the world’s most beautiful wine regions and a UNESCO world heritage site, the Douro Valley is the jewel in the crown of Portugal’s immaculate countryside. The valley’s rolling green hills are dotted by quaint traditional villages and exquisite historical vineyards which overlook the winding Douro river below. A destination in itself, the remarkable Six Senses hotel is the perfect place to rest and unwind after a day of sampling the region’s heavenly produce. Not just a stop for wine enthusiasts, the Douro Valley is also ideal for those who love the outdoors. Wonderful hikes and picturesque biking routes amid the epic landscapes make this an ideal place for active travelers.

The Alentejo

Located just two hours drive from Lisbon lies this ancient stretch of pristine Portuguese countryside. Sprinkled with whitewashed villages, vineyards and ancient castles, the soft rolling hills of The Alentejo offer a delightful contrast to Portugal's lively cityscapes. Picturesque experiences are at hand here, from an exclusive wine tasting and lunch with the owners of a royal historical estate, to a gentle horseback ride at sunset to a medieval hilltop village. This tranquil region is also home to a number of idyllic boutique accommodations, one of the most splendid being São Lourenço do Barrocal, a both charming and luxury country estate.

The Algarve

Portugal’s idyllic southern region, home to some of Europe’s most beautiful coastline. Golden sand beaches, looming cliffs and mysterious sea caves form this coastal paradise. Perfect for travelers looking for rest and relaxation, we would recommend luxurious accommodations far away from the crowds. The Algarve also offers wonderful gastronomic experiences, ranging from beautifully prepared gourmet cuisine to picking and sampling fresh clams directly from the shores themselves.


A floating garden in the middle of the ocean, this picturesque Portuguese territory located off the North-West coast of Africa is a dreamlike escape. The luscious, colorful archipelago of Madeira is home to beautiful natural wonders, incredible Atlantic views and spectacular marine wildlife, with ample opportunities for spotting whales and dolphins along the coastline. It is also renowned for its enormous ancient Laurisilva forest, which dates back to more than 15 million years ago. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, the paths formed by the levadas (unique aqueducts and irrigation canals) are considered some of the best walks in Madeira, allowing visitors to experience the incredible volcanic subtropical landscape.

The Azores

Not many places in the world remain relatively untouched by the globetrotters of today. However, this remote archipelago of enchanting islands in the mid-Atlantic still offers the chance to experience that sense of discovery. Formed by a series of grand ancient volcanoes, this tranquil destination is teeming with fauna, including marvelous marine wildlife in dolphins and whales, as well as over 300 different bird species. A true hiker’s paradise, the luscious green island of São Miguel takes center stage. From its magnificent Sete Cidades crater to the breathtaking panoramic views from the Vista do Rei, the landscape is almost like that of a folkloric tale. For the adventurous, the neighboring islands of Flores and Pico are ready to amaze, with fairytale green lakes, delightful waterfalls and even UNESCO listed volcanic vineyards.

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