Known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Chile promises epic luxury journeys thanks to the wildly different landscapes encompassed within its borders. Although measuring just over 215 miles across at its widest point, when traveling Chile from north to south, travelers will find two regions with opposite geographic characteristics: the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world, and Patagonia, which features spectacular mountains, glaciers, and crystalline blue lakes. On the long trip down this slender land, one can also find the capital city of Santiago with its striking mountain views, the unique Lake District where some of the mountains are active volcanoes, and world-renowned vineyards in the Colchagua Valley. For travelers looking to truly get away from it all, Chile is also home to the most remote inhabited island in the world, Easter Island, known for its mysterious Moai statues.


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Surrounded by the magnificent Andes mountains, the modern metropolis of Santiago offers some of the most impressive views of any capital city. For the best panoramic views of both the city and the snowcapped Andes peaks, travel up San Cristobal Hill. Santiago also provides museums for every interest, from fashion to pre-Colombian art to literature. La Chascona, the home of Chile’s most famous writer, Pablo Neruda, has been converted into a museum where guests can see his personal belongings, including his Nobel Prize and unique, eclectic furniture. The trendy Lastarria neighborhood is home to some of the city’s best restaurants, such as Bocanariz, where every waiter is a sommelier ready to guide guests through their selection of about 300 wines.

Atacama Desert

Despite being the most arid desert in the world, the Atacama is shockingly diverse in both natural features and wildlife. The massive sand dunes and dramatic rock formations create a lunar landscape for hiking, biking, or horseback riding experiences. Different from most other deserts, the Atacama also has salt flats, geysers, and even thermal springs which guests can soak in if they desire. In this unique desert, travelers will find an incredible diversity of wildlife, such as three species of flamingos, guanaco, Andean fox, and a variety of rodents. After sunset, enjoy some of the best stargazing in the world. An incredibly dry climate, clear skies, and remote location make the Atacama Desert the ideal place for admiring the heavens. In fact, international astronomers have set up permanent observatories with powerful telescopes to study stars and planets billions of light years away.

Torres del Paine

The ultimate destination for hikers, Torres del Paine National Park offers astonishing mountain peaks, sparkling blue glaciers, and turquoise lakes. With an expert guide, explore sections of the famous W trek, such as a journey to the base of the iconic Towers or a trek through the French Valley, which features an incredible view of the French glacier. Explore the lenga forest, stunning mountain viewpoints, and aquamarine lagoons via horseback or 4x4 to take in the breathtaking views and witness the local wildlife like condors, pumas, and guanacos. The weather is constantly shifting, and one could easily feel as though they’ve experienced all four seasons in one day! After extraordinary excursions through majestic natural beauty, end your day being pampered in the spa of your luxury lodge, followed by a delicious dinner with views of the incredible Patagonian landscape.

Lake District

Although the lush green forest, brilliant blue lakes and rivers, and snow-capped mountains might be similar to the Argentinian Lake District, the Chilean Lake District offers two unique differences. On this western side of the Andes, the alpine lakes and forests are complemented by several active volcanoes and the Pacific coast. The luxury lodges of the area encompass seemingly endless acres of untouched forests, lakes, and rivers ready to be explored by active travelers. Outdoor enthusiasts have their choice of activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, and even fishing, to enjoy the remarkable natural beauty of the area. While trekking or biking in the beautiful Patagonian forests, guests have the chance to see a wide variety of native birds, Patagonian deer, or even a puma. On the Pacific coast, one may spot penguins, sea lions, and even whales, depending on the season.

Colchagua Valley

One of the largest producers of wine in the world and the oldest in all of the Americas, Chile’s Colchagua Valley is a “must-visit” for wine connoisseurs. The valley boasts a multitude of excellent vineyards where Blue Parallel can arrange private tastings and tours. Vik Chile is both a luxury boutique hotel and vineyard, making it the perfect base for exploring the valley. Between wine tastings and delicious meals, travelers can also enjoy this picturesque valley by horseback, mountain bike, or foot.

Easter Island

Located in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, enigmatic Easter Island (or Rapa Nui as it is known locally) is the most remote inhabited island on Earth. Believed to be originally settled by Polynesians around 300 A.D., this mysterious UNESCO World Heritage Site features archaeological intrigue in the form of iconic Moai statues, as well as rugged landscapes made up of dramatic cliffs, deep craters, and windswept grasslands. Explore these striking natural features by hiking along volcanic craters or biking to the coast of Ahu Tongariki to see massive Moai statues with an expert guide.

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