March 01, 2024 — By Fiona Davies

Reflections Of A BP Traveler: A Creative & Luxurious Journey Through Argentina & Chile

Argentina and Chile stand in a league of their own as captivating destinations in their own right. Combined, their enchanting landscapes, cultural marvels, and divine culinary scenes create an unparalleled synergy, making them an unstoppable duo in the realm of distinctive luxury travel experiences.

Argentina and Chile are brimming with unique travel experiences to match a variety of interests. From the vibrant tango rhythms of Buenos Aires and mysterious history of Easter Island, to the tranquil alpine scenery of the Patagonian Lake District and oenological delights of the Chilean Wine Country, you might feel as though you have traveled to several different countries while journeying across Argentina and Chile.

We believe journeys to Argentina and Chile transcend the ordinary and offer a symphony of cultural richness and natural grandeur. In an endeavor to share the magic that awaits our travelers here, we interviewed one of our recent travelers, Wight Martindale, to find out more about his experience with Blue Parallel and his bespoke luxury tour to Argentina and Chile…

How Did You Hear About Blue Parallel?

I found Blue Parallel online while researching our different options for an organized Patagonia tour. Patagonia is one of our bucket list destinations and so we were eager to work with a travel company that specialized in that region.

Patagonia Luxury Tours, Argentina & Chile

When I came across Blue Parallel, it really appeared as though you were experts in tours to Argentina and Chile, as well as curating the type of luxury travel experiences that we enjoy. Of all the companies I came across during my search, I felt as though Blue Parallel was in the know of the best hotels, experiences and regions to visit.

How Was Working With Blue Parallel Different From Your Experience With Other Luxury Travel Companies?

From touchdown to take off, we had easy access to a Blue Parallel representative at all times. The whole experience was very thorough.

I would say that every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed. It was a tight and seamless experience from start to finish, including being met at the airport by a tour guide who accompanied us with our driver to the hotel.

Four people horseback riding through a field in front of mountains on a luxury private tour in Torres del Paine, Patagonia

The itinerary was action-packed and if we had planned this by ourselves or with a different company, I don’t think we would have embarked on so many activities. However, we wouldn’t change a thing. The experiences you urged us to include, like horseback riding across the hillside in El Calafate, were some of our favorites.

Please Summarize Your Blue Parallel Experience In 5 Words/Phrases…

  • Professional
  • Thorough
  • Thoughtful
  • Creative
  • High-end – the best of the best


How Did You Find The Pre-trip Experience With Your Personal Travel Expert?

The pre-trip experience and communication was outstanding. The team really listened to our travel preferences and created an itinerary that was perfect for us, with a great blend of cultural experiences and outdoor activities.

The pre-tip documentation was thorough and a helpful tool when it came to packing too. Being able to see exactly what we were doing and in what order meant we could make smarter decisions with our packing so that we could still pack light but have everything we needed.

Cityscape of Santiago with Andes mountains in background at dusk

Did You Feel Supported By The Blue Parallel Team During Your Trip?

We felt supported from start to finish. Even though our tour was so well planned that we didn’t actually need to get in touch with Blue Parallel, we knew they were available 24/7 and working hard in the background to ensure we had an enjoyable experience from the get-go.

When we did need to get in touch with Blue Parallel, our guides took care of it for us so we could continue enjoying what we were doing.

Two Blue Parallel travelers hiking the Base of the Towers in Torres del Paine

Can You Share Your ‘Wow Moments’ Of This Trip?

There were a lot of wow moments on this Patagonia trip, but if I had to select the real wow moments, I would say:

  • Perito Moreno Glacier: walking along the catwalks allowed us to get incredibly close to the glacier where we got to enjoy phenomenal views.
  • Torres del Paine: The Towers are obviously iconic so being able to hike to see them was an unbelievably wow moment.
  • Dinner at Fervor, Buenos Aires: I can’t not mention the exquisite and reasonable meal we enjoyed at Fervor. It was a perfect first meal in Buenos Aires.
  • Teatro Colon: we love the arts and therefore, exclusive access to the opera house in Buenos Aires was ideal for us. It was fascinating to learn about the history of opera and everything that was involved in the creation of an opera.


What Were Your Favorite Accommodations?

Argentina and Chile have been on our bucket list for a while and so we already had a few preferred hotels in different regions. One of the reasons we first liked Blue Parallel is because you appeared to work with the best of the best hotels.

While we did have some hotels in mind, we listened to Blue Parallel’s recommendations. For example, in Buenos Aires, we had wanted to stay in a boutique hotel but Blue Parallel recommended the Four Seasons. We were really pleased we stayed there as our guide showed us the hotel we had been looking at and the location was not ideal.

Inside the luxury bar the Singular hotel in Santiago

Overall, the hotels were really great, but The Singular was the standout for us. The rooms and amenities, spa and restaurant were all phenomenal and we were shocked by just how great the service and our experience was there. It was a great surprise, especially for a city hotel.

Eolo was also phenomenal and the staff were exceptional. As it’s only small, we really felt as though the staff got to know us and there was a personal touch to every interaction. The restaurant and bar were incredible and the host was terrific.

Luxury Eolo Hotel in Patagonia in the middle of grassland with no neighbors in sight and mountains in the distance

Did All Of The Experiences, Guides, Properties, Transfers etc. Meet Your Expectations?

Everyone we interacted with was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Even the guide who was with us during our private transfer from the airport to the hotel shared so much insight on the region.

Blue Parallel had hand-selected guides for us or entrusted the expertise of the hotel guides but it was clear that everyone we interacted with had been vetted by the Blue Parallel team.

The expertise of all our guides and drivers really elevated the experiences we had during this tour. For example, the guides in Bariloche were first class, especially the team who took us out on the fishing trip and prepared the outstanding lunch for us on the shore.

Blue Parallel traveler enjoying private fishing expedition in Bariloche in Patagonia

How Valuable Was The Team’s Insider Knowledge And Experience?

Blue Parallel’s insider knowledge made the whole trip. We’re pretty good planners but we wouldn’t have had any idea of what to do, specifically in Patagonia. All we could talk about throughout our tour was the value of Blue Parallel’s expertise.

An example of this was the great restaurants we visited in Bariloche. They were all really special places and the food was awesome. Some of them only seated five tables so they felt really exclusive.

The experiences we had were phenomenal and we still talk about how special they were; without the team’s recommendations, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy many of these.


Do You Think The Team Created An Itinerary That Was Ideally Suited To You?

Our journey to Argentina and Chile was exactly what we wanted. The four of us were all able to enjoy different activities together which is exactly what we wanted.

Red empty chairs and golden ornate interior of Teatro Colon with lights on during a private tour

The itinerary was packed with highlights for us, including the incredible fishing trip, the varied hiking, the amazing restaurants, the city tours and the exclusive Teatro Colon tour. It combined everything we want and enjoy while traveling into one seamless tour.

Is There Anything You Would Have Done Differently?

I don’t think we would have done anything differently. We met quite a lot of other travelers who were going on a cruise to Antarctica which we hadn’t even considered, so maybe we would have at least looked at that. However, we were so happy with our itinerary and the activities.

What Do You Think Makes Blue Parallel Special?

Blue Parallel is a competent tour company with extensive knowledge on their destinations. The team runs a tight ship that is efficient yet still incredibly creative in designing unique, high-end travel experiences. I really believe that Blue Parallel is the whole package and we had a truly wonderful experience with them.

Glacial lake, green hills, and jagged peaks of the Cuernos del Paine in the distance

Tailor-made Luxury Tours To Argentina & Chile

Argentina and Chile are home to otherworldly landscapes, enchanting cultures and unique experiences perfectly suited to every type of traveler.

contact one of our Travel Experts today and discover how Blue Parallel can help you create an unforgettable tour of Argentina and Chile.