Blue Parallel Luxury Tours throughout Latin America and in the Mediterranean

Blue Parallel is a US-based bespoke travel boutique whose mission is to take discerning travelers who are time-constrained to the most spectacular natural and cultural wonders of both Latin America and the Mediterranean basin. We create private, custom-made journeys designed around the themes of World Heritage destinations, daily breathtaking outdoor adventures, gourmet regional cuisine, exclusive lodging (including extraordinary and fully-serviced private properties), and unprecedented insider access.

Insider Access

Our team travels year-round throughout Latin America and the Mediterranean, seeking out the most intriguing insider access experiences, and developing invaluable relationships with esteemed scholars, acclaimed artists, Olympic athletes, renowned chefs, directors of historical and natural landmarks, and others, as well as with local leaders in politics and business. We can match families with spacious private estates, each handpicked to provide the perfect mixture of authenticity, luxury, and privacy.

White Glove Service

Each travel group is assigned a dedicated team comprised of:

We serve our travelers before, during and after their journey, and are on call 24-hours a day during their trip. This level of coordination ensures that our travelers have a worry-free experience, and the flexibility to change the program while they are traveling if need be.


Whether it is staying at an exclusive pavilion with your private infinity pool and breathtaking views, chartering a yacht in the Galapagos Islands, exclusive private access to historical monuments such as the Alhambra of Spain or the Hagia Sophia of Turkey, a private ice trekking expedition on the Perito Moreno Glacier, or even taking a private train to the Devil's Throat at Iguassu Falls, Blue Parallel will always strive to create exclusive experiences of a lifetime. You will not have to wait in lines or stand in crowds when traveling with us.