March 25, 2019 — By a Blue Parallel Travel Expert

BP Insider Access: What not to miss in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a seductive city that enthrals visitors from the get-go. Some call it the ‘Paris of South America’ thanks to its grand European-style architecture, but we think Buenos Aires has a character that’s wonderfully unique. It’s easy to spend days, weeks, months falling in love with the charming Argentine capital, however if you’re visiting for just a little while, here are six experiences that will give you a taster of the local way of life.

Tango nights

tango buenos aires luxury tour argentina

Tango was born in the bordellos of Buenos Aires’s southern districts back in the 19th century. It originated from a mix of European, Latin American and African music and moves brought over by sailors and lower-class immigrants working the docks, who danced to pass the time and forget their homesickness. Over the years, tango found its way to the elegant ballrooms of Paris, New York and beyond – and was eventually accepted back home by the Argentine elite. Today, you’ll find milongas (dance halls) across the city, where porteños (Buenos Aires locals) come to practice their steps or simply soak up the atmosphere. To watch a professional tango show, we recommend the super slick Rojo Tango performance at the Faena Hotel.

Juicy steak dinners

steak dinners during luxury tour argentina

Carnivores, rejoice! This is the city where you get to dine on sizzling steaks every night of the week. While on your luxury Argentina tour, indulge in classic Argentine cuts such as ojo de bife (ribeye), bife de chorizo (sirloin), lomo (tenderloin), vacio (flank steak) and entraña (skirt steak).  Where to go? Our favourites have got to be Fervor, Don Julio and La Cabrera and we can organise private tastings with the city’s best chefs – a highlight of any luxury Argentina trip.

Red, red wine

private malbec wine tasting on luxury trip argentina

If you like your reds big, strong and full-bodied, you’ll get on just fine in Argentina. Hailing from the bucolic vineyards of Mendoza, the Malbec and Bonarda varietals dominate most restaurant wine lists. On a luxury trip to Buenos Aires, sample the best of the reds with expert sommeliers at a private tasting just for your party. (And if you’re more into white wine, try the excellent Torrontés hailing from Cafayate in Argentina’s Northwest – it’s typically crisp, fresh and utterly delicious.)

Football mania

Football in Buenos Aires is more than a sport, it’s a religion. On derby match days when rival teams Boca Junior and River play against each other, you’ll find every man, woman and dog watching the game in local bars, with the tense silence interrupted only by the cheer of a scored goal or a cry of a missed penalty. We’ll get you VIP tickets to the famous Bombonera stadium on match days where you’ll bear witness to porteño passion at its most dramatic.

Polo, the Game of Kings

polo argentina during luxury argentina tour

The Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo that takes place in Buenos Aires every November is a highlight of both the sporting and social calendar for many porteños. If visiting at this time of year, don’t miss out on the chance to cheer on sportsmen and their horses in the city’s polo stadium, followed by post-match champagne celebrations. If you’re visiting outside of November, head out of the city to a countryside estancia (ranch) to watch a match – or even take a lesson with a pro.

Retail (leather) therapy

private shopping tour on luxury argentina trip

Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires has a distinctly creative vibe, and is home to a host of talented designers who transform local leather into beautiful, butter-soft bags, purses, jackets and shoes. On your private Argentina tour, browse the neighbourhood boutiques of elegant Recoleta, hipster Palermo or boho-chic San Telmo for one-of-a-kind leather souvenirs, or even better, take a private shopping tour with us to discover the city’s secret ‘closed door’ shops.

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