May 01, 2024 — By Alessandra Motola

Reflections Of A BP Traveler: A Bespoke Family Tour To Andalucia

Andalucia in Spain captivates travelers with its rich history, enchanting culture and exquisite culinary experiences.

Home to UNESCO World Heritage sites, architectural masterpieces and vibrant traditions, Andalucia is a great destination for the whole family. From insider access and private tours to cultural treasures and popular landmarks, to bespoke outdoor adventures tailored to experience and fitness level, there is something for everyone in this breathtaking region of Spain.

To showcase the highlights and unique experiences on offer in Andalucia, we interviewed one of our recent travelers, Suzanne Peasley, who embarked on a bespoke journey to Andalucia with 17 of her family members.

Stone New Bridge with tall arches between rocky cliffs in Ronda, Spain

How Did You Hear About Blue Parallel?

I was initially referred to Abby Murray Adams, a travel agent who had designed high end trips for a family member of mine, and then Abby recommended that we work with Blue Parallel to create the best itinerary to Andalucia.


How Was Working With Blue Parallel Different From Planning Trips On Your Own?

The thought of planning a trip to Spain for 18 people myself was daunting! I have planned vacations before but they have been very straightforward and are usually just for me and my husband.

I knew I needed support, not only to ensure all of our guests were going to have a good time but because I didn’t know Spain all that well. Blue Parallel has the knowledge and expertise in creating custom tours to Spain and so they were able to turn my vision, as well as the travel preferences of the whole group, into an itinerary that would suit us all.

Family tour outside the Alhambra during private luxury Spain tour with Blue Parallel

Please Summarize Your Blue Parallel Experience In 2 Words/Phrases…

  1. Exceptional
  2. Highly-rated

How Did You Find The Pre-trip Experience With Your Personal Travel Expert?

The communication was excellent. I didn’t have to give too much information or spend a lot of time with the travel agent or Blue Parallel; I informed them of what was important to me and my travel preferences and they worked behind the scenes to create a perfect tour and provided me with the key information I needed ahead of the journey.

Did You Feel Supported By The Blue Parallel Team During Your Trip?

Our guides, hosts and other team members on the ground were so easily accessible and we didn’t ever feel as though we needed to touch base with anyone outside of them while we were there.

Can You Share 3 ‘Wow Moments’ Of This Trip?

There were a lot of wonderful moments shared on this trip but if I had to pick three, I would say:

  • Vow renewal: we had a private Catholic mass with just my siblings and their spouses and the team organized an English speaking Priest. To our surprise, a violinist and pianist accompanied the mass and they actually played ‘Joy to the world” which has more meaning to our family than any other song in the world. It was divine and I think we all got goosebumps!
  • Private tour of the Mezquita: Blue Parallel arranged a private opening of the Mezquita, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, before it opened to the public which was really special.
  • Private boating tour: we journeyed along the River Guadalquivir on a private boat with a live singer and an assortment of fresh food and drinks!


How Did You Find The Accommodations?

We stayed at the Corral del Rey in Seville and Hotel la Fuente de la Higuera in Ronda. Both accommodations were fantastic and pleasantly different as one was in a town and the other was in the beautiful countryside.

The amenities in Seville were great, especially the shower which felt like a massage! While the remoteness of Hotel la Fuente de la Higuera was fantastic; we had the whole place to ourselves!

Outdoor pool at luxury hotel in Ronda, Andalucia

Did All Of The Guides Meet Your Expectations?

The guides exceeded our expectations. We required special arrangements and support throughout our journey and it was always available, from having someone to push a guest in a wheelchair to last minute requirements with transportation. They went above and beyond and they were always super friendly.

How Valuable Was The Team’s Insider Knowledge And Experience?

Blue Parallel’s insider access was really exclusive and made the trip so special, especially being able to get past the crowds and enjoy private access during certain activities.

What’s more, everything before and during our tour was explained so clearly and our guides had a tonne of knowledge.

Alhambra sits on a hill surrounded by trees with mountain backdrop in Granada, Spain

Do You Think The Team Created An Itinerary That Was Ideally Suited To You?

Absolutely. In my initial communication, I explained that I wanted to visit Spain and I wanted the itinerary to include activities or locations focused on history and Catholic history. Using this information, the team decided Seville and Ronda were the best locations in Spain for us.

All 18 of us are 50+ but active and the itinerary reflected this. We went biking, hiking and boating and every day there was something different for us to enjoy.

Private biking excursion during luxury tour to Spain

Is There Anything You Would Have Done Differently?

I would have stayed for longer if we could have! We also didn’t need to have as many high-end culinary experiences included in the itinerary as we were eating a lot during this tour!


What Do You Think Makes Blue Parallel Special?

Although I don’t have anything to compare it against, I would say it is the definition of high end travel. I have already shared the contact information with friends and family who are interested in luxury travel experiences!

View of white and blue tiled dome and buildings from window of Seville Cathedral

Tailor-made Luxury Tours To Andalucia

Andalucia is a charming destination with endless cultural, natural, and gastronomic wonders.

Contact one of our Travel Experts today and discover how Blue Parallel can help you create an unforgettable tour of Andalucia.