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The Best Time To Visit Sweden

Sweden is an attractive destination for travelers seeking diverse landscapes, immersive experiences with local cultures and epic outdoor adventures. Due to its vast natural settings, Sweden’s geography transforms with the seasons…

Whether you’re drawn to lush pine forests and serene lakes or snow-kissed mountains and burning skies ignited by the northern lights, understanding Sweden’s seasonal rhythm will help you make the most of your Polar adventure.

Sweden’s Highlights

In Sweden, the grandeur of Stockholm’s architecture harmonizes with the untouched beauty of Lapland’s wilderness, creating an unforgettable experience akin to an Arctic fairytale.

Wooden cabin in the wilderness covered with snow

Nestled in Swedish Lapland’s northern expanse, you’ll find the town of Kiruna, home to Sweden’s indigenous Sami people. As well as being a gateway to the region’s nomadic ancestry and culture, Kiruna offers vast opportunities to escape the real world and immerse yourself in Arctic landscapes and exhilarating adventures.


Lulea is the epitome of a winter wonderland and is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts looking for unique adventures, from ice fishing to dog sledding. Traditional villages, such as Gammelstad which has earned UNESCO World Heritage site status, come together with spellbinding landscapes and remote accommodations to create once-in-a-lifetime journeys.

View of Stockholm in Sweden on bright day

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is an enchanting city with a rich history. Considered the Swedish epicenter for culture, gastronomy and the arts, we recommend wandering through the old district’s charming winding streets before exploring the bounty of museums, restaurants and historical treasures that surround you.

The Best Time To Visit Kiruna, Lapland

The best time of year to visit Kiruna in Swedish Lapland is during the winter months, from December to March.

Visit Kiruna between December and March and open the door to a pristine winter paradise with perfect conditions for the array of epic outdoor activities. The weather is perfect for a private dog sledding excursion into the Swedish outback with a team of Alaskan Huskies, an Arctic fishing activity on a frozen lake, and a snowmobile tour across the blankets of snow that surround you.

The winter months increase your chances of encountering the elusive northern lights in Sweden, especially from our preferred accommodation, Fjellborg Arctic Lodge. This remote lodge boasts suspended outdoor hot tubs for each private cabin and is ideally located on a peaceful lake away from light pollution.

Exterior view of Fjellborg Arctic Lodge in Kiruna, with Northern Lights in the sky above

To witness the iconic Ice Hotel in its untouched splendor, we recommend visiting with a privately guided tour between December and early March when the structure is at its architectural peak.

In the summer months, you’ll find the sun shines non stop and wraps the landscape in a welcoming light. However, it’s not possible to enjoy the activities synonymous with this wintery destination. While it might be possible to witness the northern lights from September to November, your chances are lower!


The Best Time To Visit Lulea, Lapland

Four hours south of Kiruna, you’ll find Lulea which is also at its peak between December and March. During the winter, Lulea transforms into a picture-perfect snowy paradise showcasing an idyllic backdrop of frozen lakes, icy forests and wintry mountainous landscapes.

Woman waving during a snowmobiling excursion

Throughout the winter you can embark on exciting adventures like Nordic skiing and snowmobiling. Plan your visit between January and February to witness the Storforsen River’s frozen white-water rapids – a wondrous natural spectacle in this region.

Landscape showing the crest of Storforsen Waterfall frozen in winter

Visiting between December and March boosts your chance of marveling at the mesmerizing northern lights, adding an ethereal touch to your Lapland experience. At this time of year, we recommend staying in a private treetop villa which boasts superior views of the natural settings or a private wilderness lodge located in Lulea’s unspoiled, secluded forests.

In the summer months, it is possible to dine al fresco and explore the surrounding landscapes throughout the day as the “midnight sun” keeps the town bright and warm for most of the day. However, with no snow, it could be argued that the region’s natural settings are not as charming.

The Best Time To Visit Stockholm

Stockholm’s highlights include its exquisite restaurants, historical gems and fascinating array of museums, meaning the city can be enjoyed year round.

Summer sunset over Stockholm in Sweden

May to September is an ideal time for travelers seeking mild but pleasant weather, with June, July and August offering longer and brighter days. However, if you’re interested in visiting Swedish Lapland on your tour, we recommend visiting during the winter from December to March. The winter is an ideal time to savor the country’s finest culinary experiences while enjoying the comfort of a cozy restaurant.

People visiting vendors in snowy Grand Square in Stockholm's old town

Throughout the year you can discover the country’s rich history and culture, whether you’re enjoying an exclusive visit to the Vasa Museum before it opens to the public, losing yourself in the winding streets of Gamla Stan, or witnessing the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Royal Palace.

Discover The Best Time To Visit Sweden

Sweden’s captivating natural landscapes, fascinating history, rich culture, and epic outdoor adventures are best enjoyed in winter. Based on your travel preferences and unique interests, your Blue Parallel Travel Expert can create a bespoke itinerary tailored to you at the best time of year.

For more information on our bespoke Swedish Lapland tours, contact one of our Travel Experts today.

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