May 17, 2024 — By a Blue Parallel Travel Expert

Escape The Heat: 4 Cool Summer Destinations With Refreshing Temperatures

Sun seekers have long been drawn to the Mediterranean for summer getaways, with days spent basking in the golden rays and evenings bathed in gentle warmth. However, sweltering summers aren’t for everyone and summer retreats to cooler destinations are becoming more popular.

As searing heat waves and record-breaking temperatures in the Mediterranean break the horizon again this summer, it might be time to look for alternative destinations to escape the heat. From unique vacations in the Polar regions to adventurous retreats in Latin America’s fresh conditions, here are four summer destinations with cooler temperatures.

Summer Tours To Iceland

Despite being synonymous with enchanting winter adventures, Iceland makes the perfect destination for a summer retreat for travelers seeking a refreshing escape.

Looking up at a waterfall in Iceland

Boasting average highs of just 55°F in July and a miraculous 24 hours of daylight throughout the summer months, visiting Iceland’s northern and southern coasts in the summer months guarantees ample time for exploration and outdoor adventures in enjoyable temperatures.

You can discover the country’s iconic beauty with a bespoke itinerary of weather appropriate activities, from hikes through glacial carved valleys and horseback riding through the Fljót Valley to scuba diving between tectonic plates and private helicopter tours to glaciers, lagoons an black sand beaches.

Snorkelling excursion in a tectonic rift at Silfra

While the Blue Lagoon can be visited year-round, visiting during the summer spares you the icy chill upon emerging from the naturally warm waters.

During the summer, Iceland provides the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration amidst its breathtaking natural surroundings.


Summer Tours To Norway’s Fjords

The Fjords of Norway are majestic and mighty. Unlike the enchanting Lofoten Islands further north, the Fjords are best visited during the summer months. The region has average highs of between 60-70°F from May – August, offering respite from the daunting summer heat.

Landscape showing mountains reflected in the water of Hjørundfjord Fjord

Carved by ancient glaciers, the Norwegian Fjords present a serene sanctuary where dramatic cliffs plunge into crystal-clear waters, creating a mesmerizing landscape that beckons exploration.

Thanks to the cooler temperatures here, it is possible to spend your days embarking on outdoor adventures before returning for luxury accommodation for evenings at leisure, taking in the views that surround you.

Summertime biking excursion along a curving mountain road

During the summer, it is possible to witness seal colonies basking on rocks and swimming through the Fjords. Summer also coincides with the breeding season for some species so it might be possible to catch mothers with their pups.

You can also explore the spectacular Runde Bird Island which is known for its stunning vistas and rich birdlife, including puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and gulls. After taking a private rib boat safari to the island, disembark and enjoy kayaking, biking and hiking adventures along its rugged coastline and tranquil shores.

View of Seven Sisters waterfall along Geirangerfjord in Alesund Norway

Another highlight of summer tours to Norway’s Fjord region is the Geirangerfjord, a breathtaking 20-kilometer long fjord and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geirangerfjord is renowned for its towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and serene blue waters. What’s more, thanks to the mild temperatures and extended daylight hours, it boasts ideal conditions for exploration.


Summer Tours To Argentina

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world by land area. Its vast territory results in a range of climates and ecosystems meaning Argentina can be visited year round.

In the summer months, we recommend journeying to northern Argentina or Patagonia if you’re in search of milder temperatures.

Cool Escapes In Argentine Patagonia

Patagonia’s rugged beauty is at its peak during the Argentine winter months as snow blankets the towering Andes Mountains and the icy blue glaciers glisten.

A man ice trekking on the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentinian Patagonia

Patagonia has average highs below 40°F in the summer months. Despite the cooler temperatures, it is still possible to enjoy Patagonia’s highlights during the summer, including:

  • Perito Moreno Glacier: kayak around imposing icebergs or ice-trek on the glacier itself.
  • Upsala Glacier: see the majestic glacier up close while enjoying a boating excursion through icebergs and crystal waters.
  • Anita Valley: trek, mountain bike or horseback ride along unique trails amidst snow-capped mountains and spot wildlife while exploring this beautiful valley.


Cool Escapes In Iguazu

Iguazu Falls is a spectacular natural retreat that can be visited year round. While average highs can reach beyond 90°F between December and February, these drop to 77°F and below from May to August. So if you’re keen to avoid warmer temperatures, visiting Iguazu in the summer months is a cooler alternative to the sometimes humid weather.

Water flowing over the edge of Iguazu Falls creating a rainbow and mist

As you walk along the Circuit Inferior on the Argentine side of these mesmerizing waterfalls, make the most of the cool mist that emanates from the cascading water as a refreshing respite from the heat.

We also recommend taking a private train to the spectacular Devil’s Throat and embarking on a thrilling helicopter tour over the 275 cascading waterfalls below.


Cool Escapes In Northwest Argentina

The northwest regions of Argentina like Jujuy, Salta and Cafayate have average high temperatures of 72°F between June and August and are a delightful haven from the summer heat. Characterized by its stunning natural beauty and exquisite landscapes, the milder climates during the summer months mean you can make the most of the activities that lie ahead.

Latin America Luxury Tours

For example, in Jujuy you can discover the incredible Salinas Grandes salt flats and the majestic Mountain of the Seven Colors, or enjoy custom hiking trails through the region’s dramatic scenery in the valley Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A road winds between jagged hills known as Quebrada de las Flechas near Salta during a private tour of Argentina

In Cafayate, it is the perfect time of year to explore the excellent wineries and vineyards within the valleys. Enjoy the private wine tastings at some of Cafayate’s best wineries, including one located at 6,500 feet above sea level, or hike through the unforgettable landscapes of the Quebrada de las Conchas.


Summer Tours To Chile

Chile’s unique geographical features and elongated shape make it one of the most geographically diverse nations in the world. Due to its length, Chile encompasses a wide range of climates and landscapes, including deserts, mountains, forests, and coastline. This geographical diversity contributes to the country’s richness in natural resources and biodiversity.

During the summer months, it is possible to visit the Atacama Desert, Chilean Wine Country and Chilean Patagonia where temperatures are cooler yet still pleasant.

Cool Escapes In The Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth with “dry season” typically running from May to September. Average highs don’t exceed 72°F between June and August and skies are generally clear with little to no rainfall.

Man standing next to Geyser El Tatio with mist on a luxury Chile tour

This is the ideal time of year to experience the exceptional stargazing opportunities here as the clear skies and lower temperatures reduce atmospheric distortion. We recommend stargazing alongside a professional astronomer for an enhanced experience.

The Atacama Desert is also famous for its lunar-like landscapes which look otherworldly during the dry season, as well as the Atacama Salt Flats and Catarpe Valley which can be explored on mountain bike.


Cool Escapes In Chilean Patagonia

Similar to Argentine Patagonia during the summer, Chilean Patagonia transforms into a winter wonderland. Between June and August, highs reach, and the rugged landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park are adorned with a pristine white blanket, creating stunning vistas for travelers to admire.

Four people horseback riding through a field in front of mountains on a luxury private tour in Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts year round, from gentle walks to breathtaking lakes and horseback riding through spectacular landscapes, to epic hikes across mountainous terrain and mountain biking past fjords.

While some wildlife become less active or migrate to lower elevations during these colder months, it is still possible to see Guanacos, Andean Condors, the South America Gray Foxes and Pumas.


Cool Escapes In The Chilean Wine Country

In the summer, the Chilean wine country experiences its winter season which is characterized by cool temperatures and lush green landscapes. Temperature highs don’t exceed 60°F between June and August making it a pleasant time of year for outdoor activities.

Viña Vik winery surrounded by vineyards and mountains in Chile

Vineyards and countryside are flourishing after the rainfall in previous months and there are clear views of the snow-capped Andes. For many of the vineyards, these months serve as harvest season and it’s possible to witness the grapes being harvested for production.

During your visit, we recommend luxury wine tours and private wine tastings at Chile’s top vineyards, as well as gentle hiking or mountain biking excursions through the emerald green Colchagua Valley. It is also possible to horseback ride up La Cruz hill for panoramic views of the region.


Escape The Heat This Summer

If you want a cool escape this summer, it is possible to enjoy spectacular regions of the world without the daunting heat. From the enchanting Polar Regions to the southern reaches of Latin America, contact one of our Travel Experts today.