Ross Sea Luxury Cruises, Antarctica

Sailing South of the Antarctic Circle to the Ross Sea


Take a Ross Sea luxury cruise to cross the Antarctic Polar Circle as you journey to the far southern reaches of the planet. There, you will discover some of the starkest, remote, and majestic landscapes on the planet. Begin in Ushuaia, the charming Argentine town that sits on the Southern tip of the American landmass. Explore Tierra del Fuego National Park on foot and canoe, spotting a variety of seabirds and penguins along the way. Then, begin your luxury cruise to the Ross Sea aboard the Commandant Charcot when your captain sets off across the Drake Passage. As you sail south over the days to come, you will embark on various excursions around Antarctica. Discover the polar region’s breathtaking landscapes, enormous icebergs, and unique wildlife with expert naturalist guides. You will visit the shadowy Charcot Island, meet a colony of penguins at Siple Island, and set foot on one of the few true “no man’s land” at Burke Island, just to name a few. During your days at sea, attend lectures and presentations, participate in discussion groups, or relax and enjoy the amenities of the Commandant Charcot. When you finally arrive at the awe-inspiring Ross Sea, discover the wildlife that inhabits the world’s largest marine protected area and witness the expansive Ross Ice Shelf towering above you. You will then return north, stopping for additional expeditions along the return journey.

A Taste of Blue Parallel's Insider Access

  • Private, custom-made adventures in Argentine Patagonia
  • Overall personal logistical assistance before and after cruise
  • Custom-made pre- and post-cruise extensions designed by experts in the region

The Discovery

  • Ushuaia
  • Drake Passage & Antarctic Polar Circle
  • Antarctica
  • Ross Sea & Ross Ice Shelf

The Adventure

  • Hiking
  • Wildlife
  • Polar explorations
  • Zodiac excursions
  • Kayaking


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Note: This private tour to Antarctica is an example, as all of our luxury journeys are custom-made.

Note: This private tour to Antarctica is an example, as all of our luxury journeys are custom-made.

Ushuaia (2 nights)

Upon your arrival in Ushuaia, head straight to Tierra del Fuego National Park, where you will begin your discovery of the far southern latitudes with your expert guide. In the national park, canoe down the Lapataia River from Lake Roca. Along the way, admire the region’s unique flora, such as evergreen beech, winter’s bark, and fire bush, before arriving at Laguna Verde, one of the most breathtaking spots in the national park.

The following day, head to the penguin rookery on Martillo Island, where you will marvel at the bustling colony of Magellanic Penguins at their breeding site. Continue to a delicious picnic lunch on Gable Island, the largest island in the Beagle Channel, before taking a light hike to spot seabirds such as petrels, skuas, cormorants, seagulls and albatross. 

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Luxury Cruise to the Ross Sea, Antarctica (24 nights)

During your final morning in Ushuaia, explore the highlights of the town’s colorful center before boarding Le Commandant Charcot in the afternoon. With a maximum capacity of 200 guests during an Antarctica cruise, this luxury vessel features elegantly designed common areas and staterooms that will provide a comfortable journey toward the South Pole. In addition, the ship boasts an indoor pool, spa, and fitness area, along with indoor and outdoor lounges and multiple dining options. 

The adventure begins as your captain steers you across the Drake Passage and toward the Antarctic Polar Circle, which marks the latitude where the sun doesn’t set for 24 hours in the summer months. As you cruise further and further south, your expert naturalist guides will organize lectures to provide you with interesting facts and background about the enigmatic Antarctic region that you’re about to experience.

After crossing the Antarctic Polar Circle, embark on your first expedition to Charcot Island. Jagged outcrops of rock that dramatically contrast against the icy white cliffs and cloudy sky characterize this mysterious island. Upon exploring the island with your naturalist guide, you will become one of the few people ever to step foot in such remote and inhospitable terrain. 

As you continue your journey toward the Ross Sea, you will witness the spectacularly stark landscapes at the edge of the world up close, disembarking Le Commandant Charcot for additional expeditions. During your days at sea, experts in the regions will offer lectures and lead discussion groups. Or, you may simply enjoy the amenities of Le Commandant Charcot as you admire the grandeur of the enormous icebergs that dot the landscape.

On your twelfth day aboard, you will arrive at the Ross Sea, the world’s largest marine protected area that famed explorer James Clark Ross first discovered in the 1840s. The sea ice surrounding the nutrient-rich water protects the many bird and mammal species who call the area home. The Ross Ice Shelf, the largest expanse of ice in the world, sits at the southern boundary of the sea. The sheer cliffs and vertical face of the ice shelf dominate the landscape, rising to 100 meters above sea level and reaching even further depths under the water. 

Following your exploration of the Ross Ice Shelf, you will reverse course and begin heading north, stopping for additional expeditions during the return journey. For instance, you may visit some of the only land in the world that remains unclaimed by any country – Antarctica’s Ruppert Coast and Burke Island. Finally, your Antarctic journey comes to a close once you cross the Drake Passage once more and disembark in Ushuaia.

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Map showing the itinerary for a luxury cruise in Antarctica to the Ross Sea aboard the Commandant Charcot
USHUAIA USHUAIA 28 nights / 29 days


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Recommended stay 27-30 days
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What is included in your luxury Ross Sea cruise, Antarctica tour:

  • Luxury accommodations at
    • Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa or Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa (Ushuaia)
    • Stateroom aboard Le Commandant-Charcot (Antarctica Cruise)
  • Services of Blue Parallel hosts and specialized guides throughout the journey
  • All special events, guided tours, excursions, outdoor activities, entrance fees
  • A Blue Parallel team composed of a personal travel expert, and a “behind the scenes” logistical expert who monitors every step of your luxury tour. The team is on call 24-hours a day during a trip
  • All internal transportation
  • Most meals
  • A Blue Parallel customized travel kit that you will receive prior to departure


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