June 02, 2022 — By Alexis Prego

Private Colonial Villas In Cartagena: Exclusive Luxury In Colombia

There are plenty of superb luxury accommodations to choose from in Cartagena, from sophisticated former mansions to elegant five-star hotels. However, one of our favorite accommodation options in this captivating region are the extraordinary private colonial villas.

The charming colonial city of Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage site, blends its fascinating history with Caribbean flair to attract discerning travelers from across the globe. While there are plenty of fantastic properties to choose from in this region, exclusive colonial villas are an ideal choice for families or groups of friends who prioritize comfort, privacy and luxury when they travel.

Our portfolio of luxury properties in Colombia includes several stunning properties in the heart of Cartagena that make for perfect bases from which you can take part in an exciting variety of insider experiences during your luxury tour of Colombia.

Depending on the size and needs of your group, we will assist you in choosing the best property for you, but here are four of our favorite colonial villas in Cartagena…

Private Villa, Old Town Cartagena

This elegant property is a restored 17th-century colonial home in the old town of Cartagena. It includes eight bedrooms and comes fully staffed.

The private colonial villa also benefits from a pool, rooftop jacuzzi, and concierge service. Consider this the perfect place to relax after days spent exploring the city and islands just off the coast.

Restored Mansions, Cartagena City Walls

This regal property boasts not one, but two mansions within the city’s walls. The first mansion dates back to the 18th century and features eight bedrooms, two fully equipped kitchens, four living rooms, two dining rooms, and two patios.

The second mansion, from the 19th century, has three bedrooms, four living rooms, two dining rooms, and two patios.

Both luxury properties include air conditioning for those warm Caribbean temperatures as well as staff such as butlers, housekeepers, and cooks to cater to your party’s needs.

Private Colonial Villas, Cartagena City Center

There are two more historic gems tucked away in the city center of Cartagena.. One is an eight bedroom private villa with two swimming pools where you can make the most of the Caribbean sun, with a view in the case of the rooftop pool! This three-floor villa also has a private gym if you’re looking to maintain your fitness schedule, a BBQ area, a game room and a home cinema for those days you need a break from the Colombian heat.

The second sophisticated villa features marble floors and nine air-conditioned suites with modern decor. Here, you can take in the breathtaking Cartagena skyline from the rooftop lounge area or cool off in the ground floor pool.

Luxury Tours In Cartagena

Of course, a Blue Parallel journey goes beyond luxurious accommodations; we’ll also organize insider experiences and activities where you can learn more about the vibrant culture of Cartagena. Visit another exquisite, privately owned colonial home for a private rum or chocolate tasting experience with an expert who can explain the various flavors and processes used to create these treats, or a personal salsa lesson with professional dancers.

Of course, no trip to Cartagena is complete without some beach time, so we recommend spending a day cruising to the nearby Rosario islands by private yacht to relax on white sand beaches and swim in the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

Aerial view of the Rosario Islands off of the coast of Cartagena

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